Hi there!

My name is Anian, and I am a programmer and hobby Producer.

My full name is Anian Sollinger and iam currently 17 years old. Iam training to become a software developer. I was born in Munich, Germany and still live near it. One of my favourite hobbys is partying and also DJing for myself and friends. Hadn’t had much performances tho.

I have started many Projects in the past. Some of them big, some of them somewhat smaller. One of my biggest so far is my own discord bot called „CodeFriend“ so far. It doesn’t has many features at the moment. But its progressing. Some of them are linked down below.

My Projects

See some of my public projects that i have worked on so far.

Reach Out

Want to know more or discuss some of my projects with me? Contact me via E-mail.